Organizations use many different softwares during their current operations. These softwares, which organizations have acquired over the years and have been used for a long time, vary and vary due to many factors such as purpose, vendor, usage methods. Depending on their field of activity, there is a great deal to be done by institutions that need to obtain personal data in order to harmonize their existing structures with the law. Harmonizing each system that receives and processes personal data from the systems they use is a challenging process. At this point, GovernID is positioned at the data entry points of the institutions and manages informing the individuals during the acquisition of personal data and manages the consent of the individual when necessary. In order to be able to comply with the law with minimum changes in existing systems, organizations have the opportunity to run the systems they use with GovernID platform using the GovernID API functions. The consultancy services required for the commissioning of the GovernID API system, which can be adapted according to the system used, are also provided by our business partners. Currently, web-based integration services are provided for institutions receiving data through their web sites and can be commissioned in a very short time. 

Some of the application areas:

- Customer registration / subscription transaction forms

- Customer contact / complaint forms

- All web sites that gather personal data such as name, surname, phone, email, natianal ID, address, license plate.


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