Visitor and Meeting Management Module

GovernID Visitor and Meeting Management Module has been developed to manage the personal information received from the visitors of the companies in accordance with the law. Since all product development has been completed on the GovernID platform, it meets all the requirements of the GDPR (and KVKK) law. It allows you to present your corporate visitor policy information to your future visitors, present the informative information specified by the law, obtain their consent and use their data in accordance with its purpose and delete the data at the end of the time you consent. Receiving the information you have determined in the visitor policy of your institution provides flexible opportunities for meeting the conditions of the visit.

The product, which has meeting management together with visitor management, ensures that meeting requests are managed in an institutional manner and policies for receiving special visitors to departments within the organization are determined. When the visitors who have received the approval of the meeting by using the system come to the institution, our application at the reception ensures that the meeting is realized without losing any time with any registration process.

With navigational integration it is also provided that the first time visitors to your institution can easily find your institution by using the navigation facilities such as Google Maps through the application on their smart phones.

The system records of the employees of the reception and security units are also supported by the layered security transitions that the organization needs.

It can be easily used in general reception and after internal reception systems for institutions that benefit from ready-made office services which are common today.

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