Privacy Orchestration for GDPR

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What is GovernID?

GovernID is a central privacy orchestration platform that organizes, processes and manages the operation at the initial personal data (PII – Personal Identifiable Information) gathering of institutions according to the legal criteria in stated by GDPR and relative GDRP oriented legislations around the world. GovernID also enables individuals who are the data owners easily exercise their rights provided by the law. With the help of this platform, the personal data flowing from all data entry points of the institutions are processed by delivering informative information and also providing Consent Management when necessary. Personal data holders have the right to carry out inquiry, update, processing or place a request for deletion of their data within the organization through a user friendly application. Both companies and individuals may benefit from the platform provided.

How GovernID Works?

GovernID integrates all forms of data entry on your website, visitor entrance desk and other possible data entry points to your institution. This integration provides a GDPR compliant data flow through the internal systems of the companies also helps to manage the lifecycle of these data according to requirements of the law. As a requirement of law GovernID helps companies to manage the bidirectional relation with the individuals who are the owners of the data.

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API Integration

GovernID flexible API system for organizations to ensure GDPR compliance in new data acquisition...

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Visitor Management Module

GDPR compliant visitor and meeting management module. Developed on GovernID GDPR platform...

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GDPR Compliance Modules

Custom modules to meet the GDPR needs of organizations in different areas by using GovernID infrastructure

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