PII Data Mapping

Visibility Enables Compliance.

Smoother 'Right of Access' action

With GDPR in place, customers can now ask to see their data across all departments, and it takes 12 to 14 days to prepare the report – costing businesses between €1,400- €1,600, or a fine if they don’t deliver.

Establish privacy-driven trust between you and your customers by putting processes in place that align with their – present and future – needs. GID-O works like a ‘buffer’ between customers and businesses, labelling all data the minute it is collected by the company, so you can easily gather cross-departmental data and create the report through a single platform.

When it comes to data, you need a clear and flexible structure that allows you to realign, redefine, and manage your data repository with ease – while complying with privacy obligations.

Data regulations constantly shift and evolve, so does the data you collect from your customers. Different departments collect different kinds of data from individuals, and it’s crucial to know what to keep, where you keep it, how long you can keep it for.

Seamlessly orchestrate every bit of data

GID-O tags and tracks the data you gather automatically, making it easier for you to manage a personal data set and treat various bits of data differently depending on specific regulations. Same data can be gathered with different purposes and by showing the customer different privacy notices – GID-O solves this problem seamlessly. It differentiates between identical pieces of data when they are gathered with different purposes and categorizes them accordingly – helping you stay compliant when customers opt out or rules change.

Reliable and transparent privacy orchestration : GID-O

With GID-O, you can create a data-centric privacy orchestration platform that is as seamless and transparent as possible. Companies are informed when to erase certain data according to GDPR and clearly see which privacy notices were in effect when a specific piece of information was collected. This helps businesses maintain the trust of their customers and be legally reliable.

Follow the journey of the data you collect with GID-O: Know where, when, for how long, to which extent, for what purpose – data is easy to find, it is easy to be compliant.

In order to meet the ever-evolving privacy standards, it is no longer sufficient to merely comply with legislation and amendments. You’re only a mouse click away from working with our GovernID partners to develop a comprehensive privacy strategy tailored to your company’s unique goals and objectives. BEGIN RIGHT NOW