Paradigm shift in Personal data management.

Once a technological operation, collecting PII is now a legal transaction. Personal data is always acquired for a particular reason and most frequently as a set of connected data such as email, phone, security number, etc. All information in a “personal data record” is subject to the same retention and processing requirements outlined in legal notifications.

There are significant changes in data processing as a result of the implementation of the GDPR. Personal record management is replacing personal data management from a compliance standpoint. The fundamental cause of this paradigm change is the privacy-inadequacy of traditional data handling. The reason why personal data record management methods are becoming more popular is rather straightforward: new requirements are pushing businesses in this way. The information gathered from individuals may be used to generate reports that are given to people in DSAR/SRR or authorities during an audit.

To take advantage of this opportunity and build a compliant structure, you need a well-thought-out privacy program that can sync up almost two dozen technologies. The unique thing about GovernID’s Privacy Orchestration Platform, GID-O, is that it combines all the necessary technologies into a single solution. GID-O is not a solution that has been repainted and served as new. Instead, it is a solution that was made specifically for privacy and has features to help organizations stay compliant.

What benefits do you get from using GovernIDs GID-O?:
  • Regulated data collection.
  • Data gathering with easy identity verification
  • Embedded Consent Management
  • Data collecting technique
  • Self-Service portal for data subjects
  • DSAR/SRR automated reports
  • Fast business integration

In order to meet the ever-evolving privacy standards, it is no longer sufficient to merely comply with legislation and amendments. You’re only a mouse click away from working with our GovernID partners to develop a comprehensive privacy strategy tailored to your company’s unique goals and objectives. BEGIN RIGHT NOW