Privacy & Legal Notice Management:
Ease of centralized management

Centralized, compliant, transparent

Rules change.

Businesses evolve.

You only need GID-O to adapt to the ever-changing regulations in different regions and languages.

No matter the size of your business, having a holistic privacy program will future-proof your processes and keep you up-to-date, efficient, compliant, and agile.

Simplfy compliance process with GID-O

Fast Integrations

GID-O deployments are planned to proceed very fast and with minimum effort of IT department. No application installation! No server maintenance. Start using now.


Simply Compliant

GID-O legal notice management hands over the legal notice management to legal departments by offloading technical workloads even for hundreds of web sites.


Centralize Management

Updating hundreds of legal notices can take place in minutes. Eliminating technical processes saves time, simplifies compliance maintenance in organizations.


Transparency Matters

Maintaining transparency is critical for digital trust. Keep your organization up-to-date.

Rapid deployment and updates

Establishing a detailed privacy program takes considerable time, effort, expertise, and technology. But keeping it up to date is just as important. With GID-O, you eliminate the need for cross-departmental collaboration between IT and Legal. Now, your legal team can upload or update the privacy notice in mere seconds by themselves – lightening the workload of IT teams at the same time. This both significantly speeds up the process and prevents possible delays and problems that can arise due to miscommunication.

Fully compliant without any delay

You need to establish a holistic, automated privacy program. GID-O provides your business with a strategic long-term viable response to all the changes brought about by GDPR. As you create and update your privacy notices with ease and avoid potentially conflicting requirements, your business will always be fully compliant when it comes to regulations such as GDPR, and truly value your customers and care for their information.

Smoother ‘Right of Access’ action

With GDPR in place, customers can now ask to see their data across all departments, and it takes 12 to 14 days to prepare the report – costing businesses between €1,400-1,600, or a fine if they don’t deliver. 

Establish privacy-driven trust between you and your customers by putting processes in place that align with their – present and future – needs. GID-O works like a ‘buffer’ between customers and businesses, labelling all data the minute it is collected by the company, so you can easily gather cross-departmental data and create the report through a single platform.

Transparent and governable process

You now have a predictable and transparent manner of processing personal data. GID-O helps you keep central focus on your customers individually and provides clarity and control at every interaction. Your teams are able to see and track all changes done on the privacy notice – as well as keep track of the previous versions. They can easily activate the version they need at any given time.

In order to meet the ever-evolving privacy standards, it is no longer sufficient to merely comply with legislation and amendments. You’re only a mouse click away from working with our GovernID partners to develop a comprehensive privacy strategy tailored to your company’s unique goals and objectives. BEGIN RIGHT NOW

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